Covid-19 information

Updated Feb 13, 2022.

JOM studio follows the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations and adapts our business so that it is conducted safely at all times. We have two dance studios of a total of 120 square meters and other areas such as reception area, changing rooms, relaxing lounge and stretch area of about 90 square meters. This gives us plenty of space to keep distance between classes.

Relieved restrictions February 9, 2022 – We at JOM continue to stay at home in case of cold symptoms so the studio can remain a safe place to train in. We have several opportunities to make up for missed class opportunities in our Drop In classes.


The studio should always be a safe and secure place for both students and instructors and we continue to follow the authorities’ recommendations for companies. If we need to cancel a class due to the fact that we can not arrange a substitute or if we need to make new adjustments according to government recommendations, it is always communicated to those concerned through email. We also try to avoid gathering in the studio before and after classes when it is at its busiest hours. Feel free to change at home with pull over clothes so you easily can enter our studio shortly before your class start. If possible shower at home.

Dance courses and open training

In case of signs of respiratory infection (cough, fever or difficulty breathing), always stay at home. This also applies to you who only have mild symptoms. As a student, you have the opportunity to make up for missed classes in other courses and in drop in classes between course rounds. In that way, you do not have to miss any classes if you become ill. Our subscription solution also makes it even easier for you to get more flexible training. With our subscription you will have more drop-in classes and sessions for open pole/open hoop to choose from and also at times when there are fewer people in the studio. Read more about our subscription and how the training can be adapted to your needs here.

Shared responsibility

During our classes you always have your own pole and we have a very limited number of people in the premises at the same time. We disinfect equipment and door handles daily. We all have a responsibility to:

  • Stay at home for the slightest sign of a respiratory infection (cough, fever or difficulty breathing). This also applies to times when there are fewer activities in the studio.
  • Wash your hands before class.
  • Disinfect the pole thoroughly before and after training.
  • If possible help to bring your own microcloth, so you relieve the studio’s amount of laundry as all microcloths are washed after each use.
  • If possible, come dressed for class and just in time right before your class begins. In this way, we keep down the amount of people in the studio at the same time.


JOM studio is covered by the exception in Swedish law (2005: 59) regarding distance contracts and agreements outside business premises. This means that all bookings after the course has started are binding because your booking reserves a spot in the course. In the event of injury or illness, you can with a medical certificate get an extended opportunity to make up for missed classes or get back the fee for the classes you miss. Read our full booking terms for more detailed information.

If you as a participant on your own choose to refrain from participating in an activity or course, without JOM studio having canceled it, our regular cancellation conditions apply.