Dance courses

Purchase options – The most common way to train in our studio is to buy a course of 3-8 weeks, where each week includes a class at a set time. There you have a guaranteed spot and our courses consist of a planned class structure to ensure that you develop safely and are well prepared for more difficult tricks and combinations.
Flexible training – You can also buy standalone drop-in classes, focus classes, open training sessions (OA/OP) or become a plus member and get access to digital material. We also offer private lessons, both individually and in groups.
Beginners – For beginners we recommend try-out classes, intro or level 1 (nivå 1) courses in pole/hoop and basic level in dance courses. See prices via the booking button above.

  • COURSES – Continuous classes of 3-8 weeks, 60-75 min per class. Follows a planned arrangement.
  • DROP IN – Classes from a course, 60-75 min/class. Purchased separately or booked to make up for missed course sessions.
  • FOCUS CLASSES – Standalone classes in mixed focus areas, 60 min/class. Purchased separately or booked to make up for missed course sessions.
  • OPEN TRAINING (OA/OP) – Training under your own responsibility without an instructor. Several sessions are included each week for students in pole/aerials, but prior knowledge is required. 90-180 min/session. If you do not take a course, sessions are purchased once or all monthly sessions with our plus membership (SEK 375/month)


☀️SUMMER COURSES – Summer courses are held between week 20-25 (May 13 – June 23).
👯‍♀️DROP IN (buy single classes) – Drop-in can be purchased in several courses after start. Select a course and day to see available spots in courses and to see standalone classes under Focus Classes.
💜TRY OUT CLASS POLEDANCE – Tursday 23/5 at 6.50-9.50 PM and Sunday 26/5 at 4.00-5.00 PM.
💚BEGINNER COURSES – (Intro and Level 1) – Starts week 20-22. See dates, times and prices via the booking button below.

Our dance styles

The prices and dates for the courses can be found in Agendo. Click on the “book” button above. If a course is full, you can register on the course’s waitlist.

Our poles are 4 m high, spaced 2-3 meters apart. Each student gets their own pole/hoop. In our dance rooms, we have sagging floors, which is gentle on the body’s joints during dance activities. For safe installation, however, the floor is compact under the poles.

Our standard courses in pole dancing and aerial hoop are divided into different levels of advancement, where intro and level 1 correspond to beginner level. Our dance courses are divided into intro, basic, intermediate and advanced levels of difficulty. The courses last 3-8 weeks with classes of 60-75 minutes.

A form of training where we use a pole to do tricks and figures. We work with strength, dance and acrobatics at an adapted level of difficulty. Info levels.
In Heels (pole)
The more sensual style of pole where we dance with heels. We work with heel technique, make beautiful combinations of pirouettes, legwork, floorwork and more. Info levels.
We work with a chair as a tool and movements that are feminine, flirty and have elements of attitude. You get a wonderful mix of dance, chair tricks, choreography and training.
Commercial Heels
Mixing different styles such as jazz, modern, pop, heels and twerk. You will focus on finding your own style and dance that is hot, emotional and sexy.
Aerial Hoop (lyra)
A suspended steel ring used for aerial acrobatics in the form of beautiful figures and tricks. It is a challenging, strengthening and incredibly fun form of exercise. Info levels.
Stength, mobility & stretch
Courses and classes that focus on all-round strength training, injury prevention training, mobility training and stretching.
We work with the clean and clear lines from jazz, which are intertwined with personality and rhythmic accents. The style provides a unique dance experience where elegance and lively individuality meet in harmony.
We follow a uniform and planned structure in our standard pole and aerial hoop courses. Our courses are from 14 years unless otherwise stated.
Read more about specific courses in our booking program


Private lesson

Would you rather train alone than in a group, get help with supplementary training or maybe just become better at pole dancing or aerial hoop? Then we can offer private lessons where you for 60 minutes get an individualized lesson with one of our instructors. All of JOM studio’s owners and instructors are trained personal trainers, dieticians, instructors or have other training in health and wellness and we are happy to help you with your training goals.

Private lesson of 60 minutes in pole dance and aerial hoop costs SEK 550/h and is booked through Agendo. If you are a small group of 2-5 participants, you can also book a private lesson for a group, where the price is SEK 400/person. Enter the discipline you want to train (poledance or aerial hoop), level and any other wishes under Customer Message when you register. If scheduled times do not meet your wishes, or if you want help with other training, you are welcome to contact us via and we will see if we can find another solution that suits you.

What to bring to your class

For a lot of figures and tricks n poledance you need bare skin to get a grip on the pole. However, in our intro and beginner courses are adapted so you can participate with which ever clothes you feel comfortable in.

Make sure to bring a water bottle, warmer clothes to wear over your pole wear and socks as the classes can contain a mix of elements, where we work on both the pole and the floor. When we do exercises on the floor it can be comfortable with soft clothes on, as well during the class to keep warm when needed.