Purchase Options

The most common way to train is to take a course, but you can also buy independent classes and open training, which you do easily with our Class Card or by becoming a plus member. We also offer private lessons for those who want to have their own time with a trained personal trainer.

Book a guaranteed spot in a course of 3-8 weeks where each week includes a class of 60-75 minutes. You buy the entire course with all class sessions. Several sessions of open training are included every week for those who take a pole/aerial hoop course. You can see prices in Agendo, booking button above.

Buy single classes or sessions of open training (OA/OP). You pay per occasion with an credit card, swish or our Class Card (clip card), which is valid for 6 months. Prior knowledge is required for the purchase of open training.

Membership for SEK 375/month. Gives 45% discount on most courses/classes. This includes all sessions in open training, shorter opportunities with mobility training, our digital material, etc. Purchased for at least three consecutive months and automatically renews until you cancel. No binding period after 3 months.

In open training (OA/OP) you practice pole/aerial dance yourself without an instructor. Some sessions are included for free during the weeks you take a course in pole/aerial dance. The +sessions is bought for SEK 50/time for students and if you don’t attend a course, you can buy all sessions for SEK 100/session. Experience in the respective discipline is required.

60 min private lesson in pole dancing, aerial hoop or with other training for you who want extra help from a educated personal trainer. Price is SEK 550/h. You can also go with a friend for SEK 400/each. Private lessons are booked via Agendo or e-mail at info@jomstudio.se

Each course period, we offer several opportunities to make up missed classes from a course that you purchased. You use the benefit in the courses that have free places (drop-in classes) or in selected independent classes.

Courses & Classes

The most common way to train with us is to buy a course of 3-8 weeks where each week includes a class at a set time. There you have a guaranteed spot and our courses consist of a planned class structure to ensure that you get a structured training and become well prepared for more difficult tricks and combinations.

You can also buy stand-alone classes if you want to train more or be more flexible with your bookings. These are drop-in classes, which are available spots in a course, or focus classes that are purchased on a per-occasion basis. Drop-in/focus classes also offer good opportunities to make up for a missed class from a course. Drop in and focus classes are released for booking when a new course period starts.

  • COURSES – Continuous classes of 3-8 weeks, 60-75 min per class. Follows a planned arrangement.
  • DROP IN – Classes from a course, 60-75 min/class. Purchased separately or booked to make up for missed course sessions.
  • FOKUSKLASSER – Standalone classes in mixed focus areas, 60 min/class. Purchased separately or booked to make up for missed course sessions.

Beginners – Our courses/classes are divided into different levels of advancement. In this way, we can adapt the training to your conditions. For beginners in pole and aerial dance, we recommend our try-out classes, shorter intro courses or level 1 (nivå 1) courses, where you get to start your training together with other beginners. You can of course also start with a private lesson.
Class Card – For purchasing classes, we recommend you get our Class Card (clip card) for easier purchases, but you can also buy classes directly with a credit card or Swish.
Book – You will find all our courses and activities that can be booked in Agendo (book button above) and you can view all classes and our annual schedule here.

Open training – OA/OP

Open Pole/Open Aerial (OP/OA) is open training where you who practice pole dancing, aerial hoop or other aerial dance can come and train yourself on what you learned from classes you participated in. Therefore, open training is only for you who have attended classes. If you want to try pole dancing or aerial hoop for the first time, we recommend our try-on classes, intro courses or level 1-courses instead. Read more about open training here.

Each week there is a certain number of open training-sessions included for you who take a pole or aerial course and more sessions for you who are a plus member. We divide the passes into two groups, staffed (⭐) and +sessions (💎). If you don’t take a course or want to attend to more open training-sessions per week than what is included when you take a course, you can pay for single occasions:

  • OP/OA single occasions – SEK 100/time for those who do not attend a course. SEK 375/month with our plus membership. Buy with credit card, swish or our Class Card (clip card).
  • Class Card – Buy our Class Card for SEK 1000 or SEK 600 and use it as a clip card for open training, classes, etc. If you cancel, the deducted amount is returned to the clip card, as long as you cancel within the time limit of the booking conditions for the purchased activity. The clip cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Plus membership – SEK 375/month when purchasing at least three consecutive months, after that there is no commitment period. Book any number of sessions of OA/OP per week. The membership also includes a favorable discount when purchasing courses and classes as well as other benefits.

You will find all upcoming sessions of open training in Agendo.

Class Card

Our Class Card is a clip card that you buy for SEK 1,000 or SEK 600. The card is used for open training, classes, workshops, private lessons, etc. With our Class Card, you can set aside money for training and conveniently purchase activities with the clip card by logging into your Agendo account. If you cancel, the deducted amount is returned to the clip card, as long as you cancel within the time limit of the booking conditions for the purchased activity. The cancellation conditions are stated in Agendo’s info text for each activity. The clip cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Plus member

Our plus membership is an offer for you who are in need of more flexible training or just want more training. As a plus member you pay a fixed monthly fee and it includes:

  • 45% discount on most of our courses and classes, such as poledance, aerial hoop, chairdance etc. The discount is also included in many other activities such as workshops and theme classes.
  • Open training (OA/OP) – This includes more sessions of open training during all weeks of the year.
  • Missed classes from courses – More favorable “catch-up” option. As a plus member, you may make up for missed classes from a course during the next course period, even if you do not attend a course during the second period. This applies as long as your plus membership is active. Other members must be registered for a course during both periods to be offered to “make up” that overlaps the periods.
  • Shorter stretch and mobility classes – During the course periods, we have independent, shorter sessions with a focus on mobility, stretch and relaxation. Here we vary the exercises and work together with an instructor. Each session is approximately 20-30 minutes long and the theme varies and is determined by the participating instructor.
  • Digital material – Access to our digital material of combinations and training tips. Perfect for you who easily get dry of ideas during your own training.
  • Cabinet – A lockable cabinet where you can store grip aids, your shoes, clothes or anything else you need for your training in the studio. We have a limited amount of cabins so only in case of available cabinets.

Price for plus membership is SEK 375/month. You purchase for a minimum of three continuous months and the membership is automatically renewed until you cancel it. Each plus membership is personal and the discounts only apply to you who is registered for the purchase. The discount does not apply to gift cards, private lessons or in combination with other discounts.

For example, if during six months you attend two standard courses in poledance (SEK 1 750 and 8 classes each course) and are a plus member, the cost including a 45% discount on the courses will be on average about SEK 115 higher/month compared to if you attend two standard courses without a plusmembership (discount). But with the plus membership you will also enjoy all the benefits that’s included.

If you do not already take any of our courses but want to become a plus member? Then you have to book a staffed OP/OA session (⭐) for the first time so an instructor can meet you and give you information about the studio. Be sure to be on time when the session begins. You can easily get an overview of the different sessions in the schedule.

Missed classes mainly applies to pole dance and aerial dance

If you are registered for a course in pole dance or aerial dance, you have a reserved place in that course, which contains a certain number of class sessions. If you buy a course of 8 sessions and miss 2 sessions, you have 2 missed sessions that you can make up for in Drop in classes, so you get your 8 sessions in total. You may also make up missed opportunities from one period during the next period, as long as you are registered for a course during that period as well or are a plus member. For example, if you take a course period 1, you can “make up” during periods 1 and 2. If you take a course period 2, you can make up during periods 2 and 3, etc. The possibility of drop-in is often offered in courses with free places or independent classes, which is why days, times, levels and number of places can vary between each course period.

ATTENTION! Make up for missed classes usually does NOT apply to other dance courses such as chair dance, commercial twerk mix, etc. as we often don’t have as many classes starting from those styles. If the possibility of Drop in still exists, the possibility to make up varies due to different prices for the courses/classes.
🔸Make up for a missed class from a pole dance/aerials course with: Optional drop in class.
🔸Make up for a missed class from a course in commercial twerk mix, chairdance, strength & stretch with: Drop in sessions in commercial twerk mix, chairdance, strength & stretch or shorter focus classes. Read the info text under each drop-in/focus class in Agendo to see what applies.

You are responsible for keeping track of how many class sessions you have attended. We do not always have the opportunity to work with administrative tasks when we are instructing classes, which limits our ability to quickly obtain the information for you. Therefore, it is good if you keep your own notes about your presence. This way you will know for sure if you can book at no extra cost and can book directly.

Cancellation of individual course sessions – if you attend a course and want to cancel specific sessions that you will miss, you can do this via your account in Agendo or Agendo’s old app (NOTE! The old app does not work for purchases). This does NOT apply to cancellation of the entire course (read our booking conditions to see what applies there).

Try out – intro classes

Before each course period, we usually have single try-out classes. These classes are perfect for you who want to try one of our dance styles before you buy an entire course. The classes are 60 minutes and a great way to get an introduction to the dance style and our studio. These classes also provide a good opportunity for us to answer all of your questions. Keep an eye in our booking system for upcoming try out or intro classes (under meny Prova på or Intro/Nivå 1).

Private lesson

Would you rather train alone than in a group, get help with supplementary training? Or maybe just get better at poledance or aerial hoop? Then we can offer private lessons where you for 60 minutes get an individually tailored lesson with one of our instructors. All of JOM studio’s owners and instructors are trained personal trainers, dieticians, instructors or have other educations in health and wellness. We are happy to help you further with your training goals!

Private lesson of 60 minutes in poledance or aerial hoop costs SEK 550/h. If you are a small group of 2-5 participants, you can also book a private lesson for a group, where the price is SEK 400/person. You book a private lesson through Agendo.

Enter the discipline you want to train (pole dance or hoop), level and any other wishes under Customer Message when you sign up. If our offered schedule do not meet your wishes, or if you want help with other training, you are welcome to contact us by email to info@jomstudio.se and we’ll see if we can find another solution that suits you.